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Welcome the 8

The V10 is the same bike ridden by the Syndicate to World Cup victories. Fully refined, not redefined, the new V10 is for riders looking to just imitate their heroes on Sunday afternoon or find the best lines in the bike park. The kind of rider who knows there’s no replacement for a proper downhill bike. Lap after lap, day after day nothing stands up to the abuse or gives the thrills a downhill bike can. Nothing.

Key Features:

  • Available in: Carbon CC 

  • Wheel size:2 7.5", 29" & MX

  • Rear travel: 215mm 

  • Priced from: $7500 Frame & Shock Only

2024 V10.8 Pricing

V10 CC Frame 29/27.5/MX  

V10 CC S DH Kit 29/27.5/MX



V10 X01 DH Kit 29/27.5/MX


*prices can be subject to change at any point

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