Puzzling Ain’t Easy

At the 2017 World Cup season opener in Lourdes, Loris Vergier, Luca Shaw, and Greg Minnaar qualified 1, 3, and 6 aboard the ‘controversy machine’—a V10 with a new swingarm rolling on 29-inch wheels.

So we decided to make a 27.5 V10, too.

No compromises, no gimmicks, no shortcuts—it was designed in parallel to the 29er V10 as an original suspension platform and chassis. The 27.5 bike comes in Small, Medium, and Large, while the 29 comes in Medium, Large, and XL. Make your choice according to your size or riding style, and you’ll be the recipient of every bit of work and puzzling that’s gone into the Syndicate’s race bikes.

Key Features:

  • Available in:Carbon CC 

  • Wheel size:27.5", 29" & MX

  • Rear travel:215mm 

  • Priced from $6799 Frame & Shock Only

2021 V10 Pricing

V10 CC Frame 29/27.5/MX  

V10 CC S DH Kit 29/27.5/MX



V10 X01 DH Kit 29/27.5/MX


*prices can be subject to change at any point

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