Tallboy 2021
Tallboy 2021

Ivory & Gypsum


Glossy Black & Gypsum

Tallboy 2021
Tallboy 2021

Ivory & Gypsum


If ever there was a gravity riders’ XC bike, the Tallboy is it.

The new 120mm Tallboy takes a leap further into what short-travel bikes really are capable of. With kick-ass lower-link VPP suspension, a streamlined design, the typical Santa Cruz refinement, and rather radical geometry, the Tallboy is back to being a genre bending folk hero.

Key Features:

  • Available in:Alloy, Carbon C & Carbon CC 

  • Wheel size:29" 

  • Rear travel:120mm 

  • Priced from $8645

  • Tallboy CC Frame/Shock only - $6199

2022 Tallboy Pricing  

Tallboy C R Kit


Tallboy C S Kit


Tallboy C XT Kit


Tallboy C XT RSV Kit


Tallboy CC X01 Kit


Tallboy CC X01 RSV Kit


Tallboy CC XX1 RSV Kit


*prices can be subject to change at any point