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Ready to rally the world.


A 1:25000 scale map, a weather forecast and the Roubion. Three things you shouldn’t hit the high mountains without. And while we can’t guarantee you won’t get lost or soaked, we’re pretty sure there’s no better bike to tackle ancient alpine terrain.

And whether blind racing or just blindly enjoying the trails as they come, the Roubion’s MX wheel combo feels like the best mix since Aperol met spritz. A 29-inch front wheel serves up high-speed stability and high-rolling confidence. Meanwhile the 27.5-inch rear makes for an intuitive and highly maneuverable rear end that loves to get sideways around the most ragged of switchbacks.

Key Features:

  • Available in: Carbon C & Carbon CC 

  • Wheel size: MX 29" Front 27.5" Rear

  • Rear travel: 150mm 

  • Bikes from:  $9210

  • Rubion CC Frame/Shock only -  $6650

2022 Rubion MX Prices

Rubion C Frame Only

Rubion C R Kit



Rubion C S Kit


Rubion C XT Kit


*prices can be subject to change at any point